The Armed Forces Family Welfare Agency (BAKAT) is an organization consists of all members of other rank and their wives. Its establishment aims to guide them in various aspects that can help them to become good wives and mothers. In addition, the BAKAT aims to enhance the friendship among its members in order to create a harmonious atmosphere that is able to provide welfare to every member of a family. In addition, it will also encourage every member to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to them more effectively.

Recalling the history of BAKAT establishment, the Family Club has existed since colonial rule. Its members consist of wives of military personnel. The activities are aimed at safeguarding the welfare of family members of the military personnel. In line with the development of the Malaysian Military Forces at the time, the existing Family Club was divided into three components namely Army, Navy and Airforce. The Family Club is under the care of the respective services.

On June 1st 1976, Family Club of each unit was restructured into a more organized and developed organization and named as Army Wives Association (PERISAD), the Navy Wives Association (PERISTELA) and the Air Force Wives Association (PERISTU). The three associations have played their respective roles. Subsequently, on October 1st 1979, the three associations were incorporated into a large organization known as the Armed Forces Family Welfare Body and in short, BAKAT with the slogan "Together We Serve"

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