The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) is responsible for protecting the sovereignty and interest of the country as well as prepare a credible Navy. RMN is also committed in executing all operations with excellence and establishing a close two-way and multilateral defense network.

Thus, the RMN promises to:

1. Provides a competent Navy, have a highest level of readiness, and always set to carry out any mission for national sovereignty. (Over 60%)

2. Continuously improve assets and infrastructure to maintain a high level of readiness and improve the well-being of citizens. (Over 60%)

3. Strengthening RMN’s good network with various organizations to enhance closer defense cooperation. (Over 60%)

4. Increase the sustainability of logistical to support the readiness and implementation of operations (Over 60%)

5. Use the financal source wisely and optimally to get the best return on investment. (Over 60%)

6. Improve human resource management to produce world-class citizens. (Over 60%)

7. Improve Royal Malaysian Navy Volunteer Reserve training system to create comrades who are capable of assisting the regular members. (Over 60%)

8. Update policies, doctrines and support plans to be relevant to changes and current needs. (Over 60%)

9. Improve the working environment and quality of life to achieve high level of motivation. (Over 60%)

10. Enhance an administration that are honest, well-established, efficient and transparent to achieve an excellent organization by providing feedback on the status of complaints that have been taken into action whether they are solved or needed to take on further investigation within 14 working days from the date of receiving the complaint. . (Over 60%)

11. Enhance the culture of creativity and innovation to generate excellent citizens and a well-known organization. (Over 60%)

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"RMN Client Charter is a Navy written commitment towards delivering its service to its client through its open, clear and transparent approach. It also a gurantee in delivering service in accordance with specified quality standards. As from the client’s persepective, it assures the promised quality of service.”

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