Peta Strategi

The implementation of strategic management which includes the aspects of planning, implementation, evaluation and improvement towards objectives accomplishment is a mechanism for achieving the mission and vision of RMN. Hence, this system needs to be built and managed efficiently and effectively so that the desired outcomes of the Government and Malaysian citizens can be achieved.

In order to ensure a systematic, efficient and structured strategic management, RMN has introduced the RMN's Strategic Management System (SMS). The implementation of the RMN SMS has undergone continuous evolution and improvement from year to year. Starting in 2003, known as RMN BSC, it has continue to grow and resulted in RMN Passage Plan in 2005. The plan was further enhanced with the launch of The Navy Plan in 2007 until 2012. The RMN Strategic Plan was once again improved and rebranded with the name of the RMN Strategic Plan 2013-2020 or PS1320

Each Navy has its own roles and responsibilities to ensure that the established strategies are achieved and ensures that RMN's performance to maintain at its highest level.


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