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Responsible - Fulfill trust that is entrusted by someone.
Sincere - Apply honest intentions in carrying out a task.
Spirituality - Practising work culture and life according to religion.
Efficient - Carry out tasks with full of professionalism within specified time.
Discipline - Self-control and obey rules.
Reflection - Conduct self-assessments continuously for self improvement.
Positive - Think and show something good and give benefit.
Honest - Carry out tasks genuinely with a sincere heart.
Concerned - Care about something seriously.


Obey - Comply with all orders.
Leadership - Capable of become the spearhead in the aspects of operation menagement, human resources, assets and administration.
Willing to Serve - Ready to be assigned anytime.
Teamwork (Esprit de Corps) - Apply cooperation when executing tasks in an organization.
Respect - Appreciate and idolize one another.
Accountability - Ready to assume full responsibility.


Personal Safety - Keep oneself, co-workers and family from risk of accident and injury.
Readiness - Always be prepared to perform given tasks with full of responsibility.
Security - Always aware of the safety of the environment including the safety of documents, property and members.
Mental Strength - Able to cope and manage work pressure
Speak truthfully - Speak only the truth and be frank
Fighting Spirit - Attitude of courage, persistent and selflessness.


Health - Always maintain physical and mental health.
Fitness - Always fit in carrying out tasks.
Smart - Always maintain good self-image.
Knowledgable - Continuously seek for knowledge.
Creative - Generate brilliant, new and original ideas.
Innovative - Make improvements to things that already exist or introduce new creations for the benefits of an organization.
Self Development - Enhancing one’s capability and identity.
Planning - Always look forward and think before doing something.
Punctual - Discipline in time management.
Quality - Produce tasks that meet the needs and requirements of an organization.
Spend Wisely - Cultivate the thrift practice.
Role Model - Practice good deeds that can be made example.


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