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Jul 10





Warrant Officer I RGR Abdul Malek bin Hj Jumat was born at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur 27 Sept 1973 and he was the third from 5 sibling. He joined TLDM on 2nd Jan 1993 and recruiting navy at Naval Base Woodland, Singapore. He was employed on intake 168/93 and accompany on Seaman Branch on RGR. Branch RGR has been change to JGN and change once more to Naval Provos (PROVOS TENTERA LAUT).

He have married with Jamaliah binti mohd diah and have 4 child, 3 boys and 1 daughter and now stayed at RKTLDM Taman Samudera.

He have been served at based and ships during serve at navy. He been serve at KD KASTURI, KD LEMBING AND KD MAHAWANGSA. On base he been serve at PROTELA Lumut, KD SRI SANDAKAN, KD PELANDOK CPM ATM LABUAN, PKTLDM, KD SULTAN IDRIS 1, HQ WESTERN FLEET AND now MARKAS WILAYAH LAUT 2 as Pegawai Waran Markas.

He have been serve as Pegawai Waran Markas, MARKAS WILAYAH LAUT 2 on 2 Mei 19 and also acknowledgments in the Extraordinary Business Service with the Amal and Social Work with members and community. He’s have a good interaction with officer and other rank in sport and religious.

During on service, he involved on many exercise with overseas warships like United State America, India, Paskistan, Myanmar, Thailand and Filipina. revenue from the journey of services as a JURAGAN, He has been enacted by the leader for education and teaching the young officers in the largest sea of the Malaysian Sea Course Served in KDSI I. As recognition in interest services has been at the award of the People's Armed Battle (BAT) awards who are at agents in the state of nst. Entertainment and dedication are not excluded only of the duty to the duty of the duty is subjected by the property of the treasures to the country and does not make a personal interest. for effects, responsibility to countries and services and professional attitudes in implementation of tasks.

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