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WO I TNL Ahmad Musli bin Bedin was born on 25 June 1979 in Kampung Padang Biak Arau, Perlis Indera Kayangan. He obtained his early education at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tengku Budriah Arau. He then went on with his study at Dato 'Sheikh Ahmad Secondary School and Arau Vocational Secondary School in Perlis until finishing fifth grade in 1996. He built a marriage life with Siti Hajar Binti Hj Hussin @ Yusof on December 16. They were given four children, a daughter and three sons.

Armed with deep interest and desire since school, he applied to join the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) in early 1998 (Intake 180/98) by sitting for a recruitment interview organized. This ambition became a reality when he was accepted into service on 24 February 1998. After completing basic military training at PULAREK Berek TLDM Tanjung Gelang Kuantan, Pahang, he was accepted into the Supply Branch in General Store Technical Expertise (TNS (S))

His service has now extended to 24 years. His career started by filling a position on the KD Mahawangsa ship as a STOR AM Assistant. He then involved himself at TLDM Assistance Depot as a Stock Check and subsequently served at the Tanjung Tanjung Gelang Kuantan Marine Regional Headquarters, Pahang, Kd Pelandok as the Buffer of the Logistics Department. He also worked at the Fleet Supply Depot, and the Faculty of Supply and Management KD PELANDOK as the Head Coach of Logistics Technical Studies start fom 26 May 13 until 26 Aug 19. He is currently serving as Warrant Officer of Western Naval Logistics (PWM) on 10 Feb 20.

During his career at KD JEBAT, he was also involved in operations, training around national waters as well as overseas. In addition, he was also involved in goodwill tours and training with foreign navies such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

Throughout his career in the RMN, he has been able to perform his duties and responsibilities with excellency. With extensive knowledge in the field of Supply, it allows him to master his field of work as well as be able to train and become a Senior Head Coach while at the Faculty of Supply and Management KD PELANDOK. It is safe to say he guides his subordinates with skills using his own expertise. Throughout his service, he has also attended several courses and seminars including Training Systems (Teaching Techniques, Analysis and Design, Quality Control), Quality Management (ISO 9001: 2008, OHSAS), Head of Internal Audit Training Systems, E-Learning Courses, PKBM Trainer (L) Perak Zone and winning all category contested as well as winning International at first place in 2015. He possessed Malaysian Skills Certificate Course Logistics Fields Level 1, 2 and 3 as well as mentors to TNL trainers for UPNM Diploma Management of Logistics Technicians TNL.

The contribution and service he has given are honorable and worth looked up to. He is a person who likes to care about the welfare and gives thoroughness of his duties towards the members under his auspices in accordance with his authority as a Warrant Officer of Western Naval Logistic and senior member of this Branch Supply expertise. Commitment, dedication, achievement not only arises from filling his duty, but the willingness to sacrifice energy and time by giving up personal interests for the service and for those who want to serve for Nation and Country. His contribution has been well proved as he has been awarded several Certificate of Excellent service, among them AKC Certificate in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2019.

The authority as well as the devotional service and excellent service exhibited not only because of duty but also for the nature of loyalty to the service and natural attitude that was never self-centered. This is a remembrance of the service of devotion and willingness to sacrifice to the country as well as the excellent service that has been poured to the RMN in general and ATM in particular and the Award of Devotional Service Medal (PJK) state of Perlis Indera Kayangan at the Arau State Palace.

Warrant Officer of Western Naval Logistic currently holds a Unit Bawah Naungan (UBN) such as the Western Fleet Supply Depot, Western Naval Supply Depot, West Fleet Maintenance Depot, West Maintenance Unit RMN , Vehicle Depot RMN and Western Naval Explosives and Ammunition Depot for the welfare of all members.

In addition to being actively involved in activities organized by the Service, he has an opened attitude by engaging in community and religious activities by attending events organized by mosques and accommodation blocks and holding the position of Head of Appartment in 2019. He was appointed by Dato' Chairman of Masjid An-Nur as a Member of the Mosque Committee for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 sessions. He also show an athletic side of himself as he is active in the field of football and the traditional game of sepak takraw at the Western Naval Logistic level.

On February 10, 20, he was appointed first from Supply expertise to be the Warrant Officer of Western Naval Logistics, culminating in the PWM Insignia deployment ceremony by YBhg Commander of Western Logistics, Chief Rozaide bin Megat Othman in recognition of the service. Throughout his ministry, he displayed a high degree of professionalism, self-confidence and a sincere personal integrity and fairness in his work.

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PWM Markas Logistik Timur



He was the first Warrant Officer appointed as Command Warrant Officer (CWO) of Eastern Naval Logistic Head Quarters. He was born in Melaka and joined Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) on March 2000 after finished his schooling in Sekolah Menengah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Batu Arang, Selangor. His batch was the first batch who had completing the training at Royal Malaysian Navy Recruitment Training Center (PULAREK) Tanjung Pengelih, Johor.

He has been served in KD HANG TUAH, KD SRI TAWAU, KD SULTAN ISMAIL, PUSAT KEPIMPINAN TLDM, DEPOT BEKALAN ARMADA, KD SRI INDERASAKTI, KD SRI SANDAKAN, KAPAL AUXILLARI TUN AZIZAN (KA TAZ), HEAD QUARTERS OF EASTERN NAVAL LOGISTIC AND HEAD QUARTERS OF EASTERN FLEET. His precious experience was to fulfil the limited operational requirements to the base as well as vessels operating in two major types of operations involving national security. That was OP PASIR and OP DAULAT BENUA which is still happening today. Other than that, during serve in KA TAZ he involved in operations involving interventions with common interests such as the Malaysian Army, the Royal Malaysian Air Force and outside parties such as the Royal Malaysian Police, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, the Malaysian Immigration Department and International Shipping Corporation Berhad (MISC Berhad).

He has service experience in various positions including instructor at RMN Leadership Center, President for The Junior Rate Club at Western Fleet Supply Depot, Member of the RMN Education and Training Headquarters (MPPL) in Process Team for Headquarters Quality Award, Innovative and Creative Team Group Member at KA TAZ and several other posts. In addition, he was also involved in the preparation of the initial paperwork for the renovation of the KD SRI TAWAU Naval Base back in 2003.

During his service, he also attended several courses. Among the courses attended are Training Systems (Teaching Techniques, Analysis and Design, Quality Control), Quality Management (ISO 9001: 2008), Building English Skills, Crane Operator Course, Developing Dynamic Web Application, EKSA Facilitator, Flight Deck Officer (FDO), Lotus Freelance Basic Course, V3 Inventory Management Course, Record Management, Teaching Techniques (Advanced Trainers), Islamic Law Enforcement Courses and Seminars organized by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

In addition, he also regularly added his individual skills and has several additional skills courses that he has learned. Among these skills courses are:

1. Microsoft Server 2003 University of Technology Skills Certificate and Window XP Professional.
2. Malaysian Vocational Training Council, Malaysian Skills Certificate Assistant Level 1 Logistics Technician.
3. Ministry Of Human Resources Skills Development Department, Malaysian Skills Certificate Logistics Assistant Technician level 2.
4. Ministry Of Human Resources Skills Development Department, Malaysian Skills Certificate Supervisor of Administrative Information System Level 3.
5. Ministry Of Human Resources Skills Development Department, Malaysian Skills Certificate Security Supervisor Level 3.
6. National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) Certificate in Digital Image.

He was recipient RMN Education and Training Headquarters (MPPL) for The MPPL Sailor of The Year Award 2007. Then been represents MPPL as a finalist in the RMN 2008 Sailor of The Year Award. His highest achievement was when he was assigned to represent The Royal Malaysian Navy and attend the Sea Power Conference 2019 and later attend the Westerns Pacific Naval Symposium Senior Enlisted Leaders Working Group 2019 (WPNS SELWG) which is a Warrant Officer (WO) seminar involving 24 countries organized by the Royal Navy of Australia (RNA) at Sydney, Australia.

He was married to Mrs. Noribah binti Harun and blessed by two girls and a son. He is passionate about traveling with his family and enjoying the beauty of nature. Enjoys outdoor activities with family and neighbors friends to strengthening the bond of friendship and being The Way of NAVY’s Life.

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PW I ETP (AQM) Mohamad Noorfazli bin Ariffin was born at the Dutchess Of Kent Sandakan Hospital, Sabah on August 28, 1979 and is the eldest of four siblings. Began to join the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) on 28 June 1999 and basic recruit training at KD Pelandok, TLDM Lumut Base in the recruitment of 182/99 intek and has been absorbed into the Marine Technology Diploma Apprentice scheme (DTM).

During his service he was hospitalized at the Sri Inderasakti Ship before being deployed to KD Rajawali as an air technician. During the course at KD Rajawali, he was deployed to Squadron 501, which is the operations squadron operating the Super Lynx. He then chose to take the Air Quartermaster course at PULATIBANG 2 in Alor Setar Kedah. He then underwent training at the No.3 RMAF Squadron with Nuri aircraft for almost 2 years. He then returned to Squadron 501 as an Air Quartermaster operation in the unit. He is also a coach for the Air Quartermaster for Squadron 501.

On 20 Jan 2020 he was appointed as a Headquarters Warrant Officer at the Air Headquarters. She is active and active in social and community activities. He has also been involved in a series of important training and operations throughout his career. Among the training and operations series that have participated are Bersama LIMA, OSTEX, Christmas, Taming Sari, SAR MH 370, SAR USS John MC Cain, Ops Fajar 19 and many more.

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MCPO I SOF(PKL) Abdol Sham bin Assin was born in Kampung Baru, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. Received his early education at the Kampung Baru Primary School and continued his education through Form 5 at the Muara Tuang Secondary School. He Started his service on April 18, 1996 and received military training at the Recruitment Training Center in Woodlands, Singapore and joined the Naval Special Forces (PASKAL) a year later. He is married and has 4 children.

He had been in service for 24 years and devoted to the service by displaying a high level of loyal and committed in performing the tasks that he is entrusted with. He always show an excellent work quality throughout the service and free from any disciplinary mistakes.

During his service, he has served in various department such as Bravo's Squadron, Member of Control Department, Alpha's Squadron, and Payujun. Currently he is Head Warrant Officer, in PASKAL Government Headquarters.

In addition to the career courses, he also participated in several specialty courses. The courses that he attended are Abselling and Air Rescue Trainers (JAPU), JUMP MASTER, Free FALL Basics, Physiotherapy and Injury in Sports as well as Emotions and Stress organized by TLDM. He indeed successfully completed every each course with a good results.

Meanwhile, he is also active in participating operations and which lead to the success of the team. He participated in a series of joint exercises with Foreign Special Forces such as US Navy SEAL, MALPHI, PHIMAL and MALINDO DARSASA Green Beret Exercises with the United State Special Operation Forces (USSOF). In addition to that he also participated in annual exercises such as Ek Jerung Emas, Ek Naga Emas, Ek Ular Emas, Ek Wira Laut, Ek Belangkas, Ek Janggal dan Ek Pangkor War.

He was also involved in the actual operation. The list of operations he that participated in include Gugusan Semarang Peninjau (GSP), Op PADANAN, Op Pasir Laut, Op Seri Petaling, Op Neraca, Op Daulat Cahaya, and Op Fajar. Each of his participation in each operation had show positive results. Due to his high commitment, he was selected to join the UN Mission, United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in 2013.

He is actively involved in the parachute sports and represents RMN and ATM until now. He also represented the Fleet Headquarters during the RMTS Olympic Mini Games in rifle-shooting with sucess. He also represented hid team in football during the Zain Cup Championship.

As a member of the military, he was actively involved in several social activities. He is the Comittee of Persatuan Payung Terjun TLDM, Social and Welfare comittee in PASKAL, Social Club Comitte of SMK Convent Setiawan. He was also involved in community work such as repairing Surau at Batu 10 Lekir, cleaning the old tomb at Baling Kedah Islamic Cemetery and cleaning the burial ground at Muroh Bay Islamic Cemetery.

He is also selected as one on the facilitator for the National Astronaut election. He also often involved as a teaching staff during the training with US NAVY SEAL, NBOS and BOMBA PENYELAMAT MALAYSIA.

He has good physical fitness, FE health status and ideal BMI. His attitude and professionalism plus good personal quality can be proud as one of the PASKAL members. All tasks and responsibilities can be effectively implemented either while serving in the Battalion Squadron or as a coach. He had unwavering loyalty to the sevice and able to perform tasks that he entrusted with excellence and full dedication. He often gives thoughtful ideas to superiors and good guidance to hid subordinates.

The peak of his success in service s when he was elected as the Head of Warrant Officer of the Special Forces Command Headquarters on Jan 20, 2020 and is an honor to the team in particular and to the overall LLP members. The determination he possessed was so admirable and can be followed as an example to serve as a model and best icon for the new generation to create o good quality among serviceman in RMN in particular and ATMs in general.

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Originally from Ipoh, Perak. He reported to Recruit Training on October 28, 1999 (intake 183). Upon graduating, WO reported for duty as a Technician Marine Electrical System (TME(S)), which was then converted to Electrical Technician Power (ETP).

He has been married with Puan Farah Ashikin binti Zamberi and they have two lovely children. He was educated at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Sri Kinta Ipoh and Sekolah Menengah Anderson Ipoh.

Throughout his naval service, he had served at several units in RMN such as UPS TLDM Lumut, FMD Lumut, ex KD Rentaka, RMN Stn Sierra, KD Malaya (as an attachement for preparation to sumbarine course), RMNHQ HR Developement (attachment submarine course), Submarine Force HQ (Combat System Staff) and Submarine Training Centre (Acoustic Sonar Trainer).

As his duty at those units in RMN, he had been selected as:

1. Chief Engineering Department at RMN Stn Sierra.
2. Government Asset Auditor (2017-2019).
3. Team Member of Shore Main Switch Board Supply to Submarine.
4. Team Member of Embarkation and Disembarkation of Black Shark Torpedo and Missile SM39 to Submarine.
5. Team Member of Innovative and Creative from year 2015 to 2018. First place at HQ level. Second place at RMN level and qualified for
    MINDEF level.

6. Coordinator for Community Service Responsibility (CSR) for three years (2015-2018)

During his service in RMN, he has attended several military courses such as:

1. Diploma Technology Marine.
2. Submarine Foundation Training Level 1.
3. Prejoining Maintenance Training For Submarine.
4. Shore Main Switch Board Supply to Submarine.
5. Embarkation and Disembarkation of Black Shark Torpedo and Missile SM39 to Submarine.
6. MS ISO and OHSAS.
7. Government Asset Management.
9. Public Service Guide Partner (AKRAB).

In September 2014, he challenged himself to join the K-Force Programme in Bachelor's Degree in Management. With the support of the Head Department and his family, he succeeded gaining a degree at the UNITAR Convocation in December 2017.

RMN has been recognized his excellent work throughout his service. Therefore, he has been awarded as:

1. Excellent Service Awards - 2014.
2. Second Quarterly Creative and Quality Award at Submarine Force HQ – 2016.
3. Nominiee for The Best RMN Senior Rate Award - 2016.
4. Excellent Service Awards - 2017.

During his free time, he actively involved in sports activities such as running, hiking and bowling. Most of the activities are participated with family members, neighbours and friends. Moreover, the residents in his residential area truly appreciate of his active participation in the neighbourhood activities. Hence, it will reflect the positive image as a Navy People among the community.

He has shown good examples and attitudes in his work and gave full co-operation and tolerance in every aspect of duty. Therefore, he had been nominated as a Warrant Officer HQSF by the management of the HQSF and successfully appointed as a Warrant Officer HQSF starting October 21, 2019.

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WO 1 RGR Irwan Fairoz bin Mat Ariff was born on Sept 08, 1979, at Ipoh General Hospital and raised in Felda Gunung Besout 5, Sungkai Perak. Married with Mrs Hayati binti Jamal and endowed with five sons. Started to join Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) on Oct 27, 1999, at RMN Lumut Base Recruitment Training Center and was applied into Regulating Rating branch (RGR).

Throughout the service, he has served at numbers of ships and base unit starting by KD Sri Tawau and followed by PROTELA Labuan, PROTELA Kota Kinabalu, CPK Selangor, KD Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, SKTLDM Lumut, Fleet Supply Depot, KD Selangor, Headquarters Operational And Readiness and Headquarters Western Fleet.

Besides, he also successfully passed other career courses such as Facilitator and Self-Course Course, Training of Trainers (TOT) Course, Drug Loss Procedure Course, Training of Trainers (TOT) National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK), Military Courses Handling Course, Anti Narcotics Course, Basic CPM Investigation Course, Citizens Litigation and Escort Course, The Foundation Of Security Course, Internal Investigation Course and Security Management Course.

As a mark of appreciation for his excellent service, RMN awarded him with Excellent Service Award (APC) in 2007 at Unit Protela Kota Kinabalu, Quality Leading Awards and Excellent Service Awards at KD Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Headquarters Operational And Readiness and Quality Awards at FLEET SUPPLY DEPOT.

He is a positive person in a work that has been entrusted with leadership qualities and discipline, which has become a sub and has shown a dedication and commitment in carrying out his duties. He also held as the First Warrant Officer (WO) for the first RMN Headquarter Readiness on Dec 17, 2018, since it up until Dec 13 2019. WO 1 RGR Irwan Fairoz bin Mat Ariff was appointed as the fourth Warrant Officer (WO) for the National Hydrographic Center on Jun 18, 2020.

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PWM Mawilla 3 kecil




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Warrant Officer I RGR Abdul Malek bin Hj Jumat was born at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur 27 Sept 1973 and he was the third from 5 sibling. He joined TLDM on 2nd Jan 1993 and recruiting navy at Naval Base Woodland, Singapore. He was employed on intake 168/93 and accompany on Seaman Branch on RGR. Branch RGR has been change to JGN and change once more to Naval Provos (PROVOS TENTERA LAUT).

He have married with Jamaliah binti mohd diah and have 4 child, 3 boys and 1 daughter and now stayed at RKTLDM Taman Samudera.

He have been served at based and ships during serve at navy. He been serve at KD KASTURI, KD LEMBING AND KD MAHAWANGSA. On base he been serve at PROTELA Lumut, KD SRI SANDAKAN, KD PELANDOK CPM ATM LABUAN, PKTLDM, KD SULTAN IDRIS 1, HQ WESTERN FLEET AND now MARKAS WILAYAH LAUT 2 as Pegawai Waran Markas.

He have been serve as Pegawai Waran Markas, MARKAS WILAYAH LAUT 2 on 2 Mei 19 and also acknowledgments in the Extraordinary Business Service with the Amal and Social Work with members and community. He’s have a good interaction with officer and other rank in sport and religious.

During on service, he involved on many exercise with overseas warships like United State America, India, Paskistan, Myanmar, Thailand and Filipina. revenue from the journey of services as a JURAGAN, He has been enacted by the leader for education and teaching the young officers in the largest sea of the Malaysian Sea Course Served in KDSI I. As recognition in interest services has been at the award of the People's Armed Battle (BAT) awards who are at agents in the state of nst. Entertainment and dedication are not excluded only of the duty to the duty of the duty is subjected by the property of the treasures to the country and does not make a personal interest. for effects, responsibility to countries and services and professional attitudes in implementation of tasks.

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Born in Kuantan, Pahang (Kem Batu 10). The 6th of 12 siblings. He joined the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) on 18 April 1996 (Intake 175) at Woodlands, Singapore, and was develop Radar Plotter (RP) sailor Brand before the Brand was converted to Warfare Tactical Plot (WTP). Married with Mrs. Sameera bint Rahimatullah and blessed with three children. The wife is a full-time housewife and often engages with Central BAKAT activities.

During his tenure, he was assigned to several ships and the RMN base such as KD BADEK, KD MUSYTARI, KD YU, RMN Station Mike, Naval Headquarters -Information Technology Division, KD LAKSAMANA TAN PUSMAH, KD PELANDOK (Basic Navigation Instructor), New Generation Patrol Vessel (NGPV) Project team - third PV 3, First Crew for KD PERAK and the Naval Headquarters Human Resources(HQHR)- HRMIS.
He was appointed as Committee of international programmes such as:

a. The Western Pacific Naval Symposium Secretariat Senior Enlisted Leaders Working Group 2014 (WPNS SELWG).

b. LIMA '01, LIMA ‘03, LIMA '13, LIMA ‘15, LIMA '17, and LIMA '19 Commitee Members of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) commitee are helping ICT management in the Maritime Segment.

c. Preparation Team for 'CHIEF OF NAVY ON WATCH' (English and Bahasa Malaysia version) 2016.

d. WO Consolidated team with RMN Warrant Officer to discuss the survey and Access Issues others rank.

He is also actively engaged in the Innovation Project and seminars organized by Human Resources Division (HR) as follows:

a. Innovation Award Innovation Project Innovation of the Navy (AITL) - ICT Category (First Prize) and Ministry of Defense Innovation Award (AIKP) - ICT Category (Finals Place - 5) in 2104 Online Officer Performance Assessment Project (e-Appraisal).

b. Innovation and Innovative Project Writing (KIK), the Storage Networking Cable (RIKTIG) - Technical Category (3rd place) 2014.

c. The Naval Innovation Award Writing Team (AITL) Network Trolly (Netro) - Technical Category (Final Stage) 2015.

d. The WO HR Seminar Workshop Papers team 2014 with the title of Career Improvement and Promotion within a short time satisfaction for the RMN.

e. Presentation of Field Recognition Workshop in National Hydrographic Centre (NHC) 2016 representing RMN HQ with the title Transformation Programme 15 to 5.

f. Selection Panel Quality and Creative of Senior Rate and Junior Rate Quarterly for RMN HQ 2016.

g. Working Paper Preparation Team Empowering functions of Warrant Officers in RMN 2017.

h. Secretariat of Coxswains Workshop and Disciplinary of 2017.

i. K3M Team.

j. The establishment of the Warrant Officers Committe (WOC).

In addition of active imvolvement with activities organized by the service, he has an open attitude by engaging in community and religious activities organized by the Surau and Pacific Heights Village accommodation blocks. Once served as a Leader of the H Block (2017), Committee of Protocol for Navy MAF Senior Rate Mess cum Deputy President for Navy (2017) and Chairman of the MAF Housing (2018).

He has also been awarded for First Quarter of Creative Quality in 2014 RMN HQ and the Best RMN Sailor of The Year 2016. He was also awarded the medal of Darjah Kepahlawanan Angkatan Tentera (DKAT) Bentara Angkatan Tentera (BAT) 2014 and Sailor of The Year Badge (2018). Always be active in sports such as Badminton, Futsal, Bowling and Golf NAGA organized at Division and Headquarters. He is also the Technical Officer Sport and has represented the RMN in the Mini Olympics Tournament (KMO).

To recognition the ever-commited and disciplined WO, the top management of the RMN and others rank supports and agree to WO be appointed as a 3rd WO Naval Region 1 since 17 June 19.



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