The allowance and consolation to officers and other ranks of the RMN Voluntary Reserve are in recognition of their commitments. The policy of fixing this matter is as stipulated in the Territorial Army (Pay and Allowances) Rules 1959 and Report Of The Committee Of Officials On The Salaries And Terms And Conditions Of Service Of The Malaysian Armed Forces.

Payment of RMNVR allowance is made based on the Guidebook for Salary Management of Chapter F (Payment Procedures and Voluntary Allowances), issued by the Malaysian Armed Force of the Department of Salary Affairs (Territorial Branch). This guide is issued so that all RMNVR units can implement documentation and payment of allowances by following the existing rules.


According to the current rules, allowances that are payable to officers and staff of the RMN Voluntary Reserve are as follows:

     a. Parade Attendance Allowance.

     b. Continuous Training Allowance.

     c. Annual Bounty.

     d. Uniform Clothes Allowance and Clothing Maintenance Allowance.

     e. Sabah and Sarawak Incentive Fee (BISS).

     f. Peninsular Incentive Payments (BIS).

     g. End of Mobilization Service (ETPM) Allowance.

     h. Transportation Allowance.


Allowance paid for the attendance of daily training or better known as local parade.

Allowance payment limits are as follows:

     a. Each attendance is not less than 2 hours and does not exceed 12 hours.

     b. Not exceeding 380 hours of attendance per year.

     c. Not exceeding 180 times the attendance of a year for claiming Transport Allowance

     d. Allowance Rate. RM 7.80 per hour for officers and RM 6.00 per hour for PSSTLDM Officer, PALAPES and staff.


Officers and other ranks of RMN Voluntary Savings Fund attending Continued Training or Annual Camps are entitled to be paid allowances at rates and conditions as applicable to regular force members.

The calculation of allowances received will be based on the actual number of days of attendance only. Allowance Rate Payment of Continuing Training is according to rate and procedure as follows:

     a. Basic Salary (GP) + Public Service Allowance (EKA) by the ranks held by such officers and members.

     b. Salary / Allowance should be paid in accordance with actual time-only attendance.

     c. Principal Salary Rate. which is in force in accordance with SSM from 1 July 2007 as shown below:


Eligible allowance that is paid to officers and staff of RMN Voluntary Reserve at the end of each year.
The consolation rate and terms are as follows:

     a. Full Rate. The full rate consolation payment of RM 520.00 and the member must attend 380 hours of training.

     b. Rate of Three Quarter. Consolation payments at three quarters of RM 390.00 and members must attend training ranging from 240 hours to             379 hours.

     c. Half Rate. Consolation payment at half rate of RM 260.00 and members must attend training ranging from 120 hours to 239 hours.


Uniform Cloth Allowance is eligible for commissioned RMNVR personnel and Honored Commisionary. Clothing Maintenance Allowance is only eligible for commissioned RMNVR credentials only on each of their accreditation anniversaries. Rate of Uniform Clothes as per Table below: 


Officers and enlisted of RMNVR are eligible to receive BISS when deployed for full-time service or when receiving salaries as the regular rates during training provided they are exchanged / sent out for duty in Sabah or Sarawak or serve on board which is licensed for duty in Sabah or Sarawak waters. Daily BISS rates such as Table below: 


Officers and enlisted of RMNVR from Sabah or Sarawak only qualify for BIS when surrendered for full time duty or when receiving salaries as the regular rate during training provided they are exchanged or sent out for duty in the Peninsular or serve on a ship that is licensed to serve in the waters of the Peninsula. The Daily Rate of BIS is the same as the BISS Daily Rate above.


Volunteer officers and staffs who are deployed full-time are entitled to the ETPM reward in appreciation of their services and sacrifices. Estimated ETPM rate is the last Annual Salary X amount of service month (15% complete).


The 19th Method of the Territorial Army (Pay and Allowances) Rules 1959 and paragraph 4.37 and 4.38 of the First JKK Report stipulate that officers and other ranks of the RMN Voluntary Reserve who deployed full time service in the service are eligible to be paid salaries and allowances according to the rates and conditions applicable to regular personnel.

End of Mobilization Service Endowment. This allowance is paid to officers and enlisted ranks of the RMNVR who have completed full-time call-up. The calculation of the allowance was made according to the formula 121/2 percent X the ultimate final salary during deployment X the number of months being called-up. Payment will be made by UGAT when undergoing full-time deployment documentation.


Allowance paid to RMNVR members who have been in the service for more than 4 years and registered as Voluntary specialists who have followed the Annual Continuous Training. The Specialist Grant Rate is as below: 


Allowance is paid for a return fare while attending parade. An officer and an enlisted man of RMNVR who uses his own vehicle is entitled to be paid at a fixed rate.

Transport Fare. An officer or an enlisted man of RMNVR who uses public transport while attending weekly training is entitled to the actual fare of buses, trains and ferries for round trip.

Payment of transportation allowance is based on travel distance from permanent residence of officers and staff to weekly training venues. Calculation according to the specified rates is scheduled above. Claim Power Form For Cargo Allowance BAT E 22 Amendment 92 shall be forwarded to UGAT (AW) for approval of claim authority. The approved power of attorney shall be renewed at the end of each year for subsequent claims.