Malaysian Certificate of Education or equivalent qualification recognized by the government with credits in Bahasa Melayu subject. Priority will be given to applicants who have honors in Mathematics, Science and English subjects at the exam or equivalent qualification recognized by the government; or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or equivalent qualification recognized by the government with credits in the Malay Language and Malaysia Skills Certificate Level 2 in the field of relevant craftsmanship or qualification recognized by the government.


a. Applicants must be Malaysian citizens aged 18 to 23 years old at the oath.

b. Healthy body and non flawed members.

c. Single bachelor's degree.

d. Body weight Index (BMI) between 18 - 25 (Male) 18 - 23 (Female) at least 1.62 meters (Male) 46.5 kg (Women). How to calculate BMI: Weight (kg) / Height (m) x Height (m)

e. Minimum chest size 76 cm (male).

f. The vision should be bright and clear (6/6) without glasses or contact lenses and no color blindness.

g. The selection process is based on academic qualifications, documentation examinations and physical examination. Excellence in sports will be given priority.


a. Opportunity to study under the Higher Education Scheme Program.

b. Free medical and dental treatment.

c. Housing, Vehicle and computer loan facilities.

d. Incentive fees for those who work in Sabah / Sarawak (Subject to conditions / qualifications).

e. Peninsular Malaysia incentive fee (Subject to terms / qualifications).

f. Free uniforms.

g. Free meals and shelter.

h. Waren free annual travel for family holidays.


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